Warrier's Mail, May 22, 2020 : Post-Pandemic Job Scenario

Warrier's Mail, 22052020 : Post-Pandemic Job Scenario

Yesterday, my friend Shri Jacob from Bangalore asked me how I'm deciding the "menu" for my Daily Messages. I couldn't give a satisfactory answer.
Let me think about it.
Practically these days, as my interest in "regular activities" like reading newspapers and magazines (I'm not getting print editions), moving out of house etc is getting stifled I have spare time for idling. Instead of allowing my mind to look out of the window and wander:
I direct my thoughts to "what should I cook for tomorrow for my next day's mail" 

M G Warrier

A. Post Pandemic Job Opportunities

This week, Dr Jayaram Nayar talks about changing scenario in the job market, post-pandemic, and advises how re-skilling and re-positioning can help those needing a change of job or those entering the job market.

B. The Lord as Friend Extraordinaire

C. Watch "Special Lecture by Dr. E. Sreedharan, Principal Advisor, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC)" 

D. Watch "Origin and History of Sanskrit"

This randomly selected link will take your thoughts to the origin of civilization and several allied areas of human development depending on what is already stored in your hard disc.
I had opportunity to get introduced to Sanskrit language while in Kadathanad Raja's High School in the then Malabar District of Madras State. The school had only one Sanskrit teacher, Shri Kunhikkelu Adiyodi. He used to become very friendly with all students who opted Sanskrit as third language. He used to come dressed in "mundu" (Kerala veshti), shirt and a sandal colour coat. Post-retirement he practised Homeopathy for a living. Adiyodi Mash passed away last decade closer to his 100th birthday.
I couldn't pursue study of Sanskrit after High School. But whatever I learnt in school is helping me even today to read Sanskrit texts and understanding the meaning is nowadays easier as instant translations are available.



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