Message, 01062020 : Awareness and Contemplation


Watch "The Essentials of Japa Sadhana in English | Beeja Mantras 02 | Powerful Mantras" 

 A. Importance of awareness and contemplation

Geethika Jain explains in simple but forceful language how to adjust to the present realities without scaring you by presenting an imagery of the real world around. Speaking Tree generally ensures that each capsule it packages is dipped in positivism.

B. Autocorrect

Apologies. In my mail yesterday, Vathsala Jayaraman's name was misspelt. The culprit : Autocorrect.
 'm' got autocorrected as 'j' My friend Balu pointed out my mistake within seconds. I said in the next mail we will discuss autocorrect. Promise is, promise. This link is in that context. Only one letter m was replaced by j. And, Jayaraman became Jayarajan. That made me think about the Indian concept of "Beejakshara" in a Manthram. That thought, we'll keep for another time, if you have not opened the link given under "Prayer" at the beginning of this message.

M G Warrier
M 134

C. Current Affairs:
Amitabh Bachchan helps stranded migrants in Mumbai, arranges 10 buses to take them to Uttar Pradesh - 

One wishes more rich people follow Amithabh in supporting the needy.
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