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Warrier's Daily Mail, May 14, 2020 : Hope Initiative from Zee5 Global

Spirit of Solidarity*

*My daughter Reshmy Warrier is with Zee5. Her team had a major role in creating this video.

M G Warrier

A. Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan package- What’s coming your way?

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it\'s comforting to see someone expressing views different from those repeated by established \"experts\". we need experts, to guide us. but, when going gets tough, we need people who can think independently of their text book knowledge. as details are revealed and the impact of the new package percolates, i\'m sure, the package announced by pm on may 12, 2020 will have a multiplier effect on growth and economic development.'
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B. We need to read translations to know about other cultures, says Mini Krishnan

Mini Krishnan oversees translation of books for Oxford University Press. Translation from world languages has enriched Indian language literatures like Malayalam literature immensely.
Perhaps, the first serious translated work in India which brought name and fame to the author of the book, the book and its translator, possibly is Gitanjali by Rabindranatha Tagore (Translation to English from original Bengali was by the author himself).

C. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman's Press Conference on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 

D. Post-Retirement Social Security : National Pension System

Please share this article with your relatives and friends who may be beneficiaries of the "National Pension System". This is an edited version of my article on the subject published at moneylife.in some 8 years ago ( link copied below). Possible, I have missed some recent developments.

E. P's of Pandemic

The P’s of a Pandemic


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\"p\" for positive. as a senior citizen (age 75 plus), last few weeks, i had opportunity to interact with several people in different age groups. yesterday a 94 year old friend whom i contacted had this to say : \" in a month or so, we may be able to go out. but, by then, it\'ll be rainy season. three more months, we may have to remain inside. exercise karenge...aisa baat karenge..
see the plight of kids, and their mothers. we, at least know why all these restrictions. children don\'t know\"
we talked for 5 minutes. keep interacting with people who are waiting to talk with you or are waiting for a message from you. who knows, you may be able to help someone, in some way!
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