Behind the Beautiful Forevers

Warrier's Daily Mail, May 15, 2020: Let's take a break : Behind the Beautiful Forevers

Let's take a break:

A. Katherine Boo on Her Book ‘Behind the Beautiful Forevers’ - The New York Times

"Behind the Beautiful Forevers" was published some 8 years ago. It narrates the life inside a slum in the heart of the richest city in India. Population in the city slums has increased. In a higher proportion, the woes of slum-dwellers in Mumbai. Trollers and social media specialists are enjoying.

B. Select links related to current issues copied below:

M G Warrier

1) Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan package- What’s coming your way?

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Your comment on the article 'Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan package- What's coming your way?' is now live on
it\'s comforting to see someone expressing views different from those repeated by established \"experts\". we need experts, to guide us. but, when going gets tough, we need people who can think independently of their text book knowledge. as details are revealed and the impact of the new package percolates, i\'m sure, the package announced by pm on may 12, 2020 will have a multiplier effect on growth and economic development.'
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2) Moneylife : 
Economic Stimulus Part I: Excellent Measures for MSMEs But Strong Need for Implementation Safeguards

3) Local motif: 
The Hindu Editorial on Modi’s call for self-reliance -

4) Check this out from E-Times


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