Warrier's Daily Mail, May 9, 2020 : Odd thoughts

Warrier's Daily Mail, May 9, 2020 : Odd thoughts

A. A view of Bhagvad Gita and Gitanjali: Exploring Consciousness in Tagore | Contemporary Literary Review India

On May 7, 2020, in a particular state of mind, I wrote Gita was not all about peace and my thoughts moved on to Gitanjali. I started my morning message yesterday quoting my own observation about the two books which have influenced my thoughts since 1963.
This article takes us for a short tour of Bhagavad-Gita and Tagore's Gitanjali.

B. Spirituality:

My Experience of Weekly Recitation of Vishnu Sahasranama (VSN)

Many of us by habit, tradition or fear of the unknown have off and on tried the effectiveness of prayer, japa, archana, meditation and other links to connect to the universal source of energy.
This writer is sharing his experience of overcoming a tough situation by reciting vishnu-sahasranama remembering the advice of a "Sadhu" whom he had accidentally met ten years earlier. 
These days, two things help me divert my attention from the "real world"* which keep me engaged physically half the time I'm awake. The world outside I see through the windows of the 20th floor Mumbai flat where "I AM" and the memories which surface depending on what I experience from moment to moment. Slowly, I'm allowing myself more "freedom of expression"
(*Though given in invention, it's the same world for all of us today. Worry about food, medicines and... what is the next thing to do?)

C. Bonus Read:

Children are innocent:

CHILDREN ARE INNOCENT* .. don't be impatient

“I AM NO LONGER A VIRGIN....Says a 10yr old girl"

While the  family was having their dinner, 
the  little  girl wasn't eating.
After a few moments, she said, 
“I have something to tell you people”
Silence around the table.

“I’m no longer Virgin”, 
and she begins to cry.

A long silence again.
And then, the father angrily screamed at his wife, 
“ It’s your fault! 
Always dress and make up like a prostitute!
Do you think you are setting a good example 
for your daughter? "

The wife in turn shouted at her husband: 
“ What about you? 
Are you setting a good example?
Wasting your salary on runs girls who even accompany you to your doorstep! 
Are you setting a good example for your  daughter?”.

The father continued:
“And her elder sister, that good for nothing, 
With her roadside man of a boyfriend, 
Who is always found with her in all the restaurants!. 
Do you believe she is setting a good example for her younger sister?”

And the rant went on.....

The grandmother touched the shoulder of her little granddaughter to console her And asked her :
“Well, my little girl, how did it happen?”

And the little girl replied while still crying.
"it’s the priest”

The grandmother asked:
“What do you mean, by ''it is the priest ?”

The little girl said: 
“The priest chose another girl to be Virgin Mary 
in the Christmas play.
I’m no longer playing the role of Virgin Mary,
for this Christmas."

(price of impatience)

Even you the reader was much in a hurry to conclude and blame the priest before the story ends.
It's natural to be shocked at the beginning of any story but  learn to listen to the whole story before you react.
Only then can you solve the issues thrown up by the story.

Remember wrong words can't be undone even with the highest apology!..... 
Our voice is like an egg, once it lands on the face of another, you can never get it back.

ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE END BEFORE YOU REACT... Stay safe and blessed in your homes..

*Received as a Forward by email from my friend Shri Ratnam Jayakumar, Ex-RBI.


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