The good ghost is a viral story : Mini Krishnan

The good ghost is a viral story - A must read article for today, now! 

Hope this finds you well and the link opens. 
This article by Mini Krishnan tells you all that you have been itching to tell everyone else.

M G Warrier

Bonus read:

Warrier's Daily Mail 03052020

Select links which may be of interest to you:

1) How pandemics begin: And how to prevent their recurrence

2) India: extreme inequality in numbers | Oxfam International

3) Universal Health Coverage 

This document, which can be considered as World Health Organization's(WHO) approach paper on Universal Health Coverage was placed on the website in January 2019.

4) Literacy Rates - UNICEF DATA

World Employment and Social Outlook – Trends 2018: ILO: Unemployment and decent work deficits to remain high in 2018

5) Unemployment News 

Unemployment is growing even in developed countries. This paper (2018) has been accessed from International Labour Organization's website.


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