Spiritual significance of flowers

The Spiritual Significance of Flowers


Please don't get misled by the prefix "Spiritual" in the subject line. Once you open the link, you'll be tempted to see all the flowers and who knows, some nostalgic memories may linger on for hours...
In my case, Onam season in Kerala when children of all ages collected different varieties of flowers from the compounds and elsewhere to decorate their Verandah or portico in anticipation of the arrival of Mahabali came to my mind.
More personal and private, I remembered my own temple connection. Warrier is one of the communities responsible for providing flowers and garlands for "Archana" and decorating the idol and temple premises.

M G Warrier

Bonus Reading:

 Mother Child and jnAnam

A little suspense. But good enough to get introduced to the spirit of "Upanishads"



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