Warrier's Collage 27062020 : Horoscope and Predictions

 Warrier's Collage 27062020 : Horoscope and Predictions



Take a break and have some fun and timepass. No long intro today.
Those who have accepted Astrology as a hobby can, perhaps, prepare my horoscope ( birth details are in the article @ A), and write down predictions. Sharing with me is optional.

M G Warrier

A. Born with a horoscope : M G Warrier

For my graduation, I had Astronomy as half-Subsidiary. I couldn't connect Astronomy and Astrology as I didn't pursue both the subjects seriously. My own horoscope was written on palm leaves by an astrologer who was my father's friend, while I was in school. The only astrologer who read my horoscope, after it was written, was Karimpuzha Ramakrishnan (Our school Malayalam text from Class 1 to VII, Chitraavali was written by him) whose Son-in-Law Shri P S Balakrishnan (PSB) was my senior colleague when I Joined RBI, Thiruvananthapuram in 1968. I had sent my horoscope through PSB Sir to KR. He conveyed a couple of predictions and his blessings to me through PSB. PSB has settled in Thiruvananthapuram.

B. Predictions

Leo Horoscope 2020 – Leo 2020 Predictions | GaneshaSpeaks.com

There are several websites offering "free horoscope and predictions" based on your Date of Birth and Birth time. This prediction was accessed at random.

C. Horoscopes in the time of Corona - 


Please read at least the last paragraph of this article, if the link opens. If the link doesn't work, maybe, you have to wait for few seconds for planets to change position and retry. In between if The Hindu asks you to subscribe, don't do it for just reading this old article!
Remember, astrology is not our Mr Fixit.
If you love astrology and are comfortable with predictions, no harm in enjoying it. But, never depend on it as your problem solver. It is like your mail (spelling is correct) friends, in the social media. Suddenly, knowing her background, if you approach for a harmless help, you may not get the help and you may lose your trust in her also. I had some recent experiences, which will be fodder for my future articles!

D. Current Affairs

Is it fair to save face by dropping "fair"?

This subject is linked to F below!

E. Astronomy and Astrology


             We have heard of 'Guru Palan' (Good influence of Jupiter) and marriages are likely to materialise when Jupiter is in a favourable zodiac.

Even in astrology they say that Jupiter takes 12 years to pass through all zodiacs, one year in each Zodiac or Rasi.But in reality, Zodiacs have no connection with the elliptical path of the planets.

Scientifically these zodiacs are stated to be many thousands of light years away compared to all the planets which are comparatively nearer..

I used to wonder how the planets which are moving around the sun in an elliptical path swerve away and occupy each zodiac for a year. Each planet has its own period of stay in a zodiac. What will happen to their movement around the Sun ? Is it a simultaneous rotation?  How is it technically possible?

Astrologers on their part say that astrology is a science. But we are unable to correlate the two movements ( astronomy and astrology) even while analysing it with common sense.

I am not talking about predictions or faith in astrology. It is entirely a different aspect concerning human psychology in essence.  We just want to know that the movements assigned to planets as per astrology can be proved scientifically.

I happened to read a book comparing astronomy and astrology in Tamil by one Shri Subramanya Sarma. Unfortunately the book was damaged in Chennai floods.

I am giving in brief the explanation given by the author.

Whenever we look at clouds sometimes we see images. We think there is a dog or a face or a tree or elephant.
Our brain likes to conjure patterns.
When our ancestors looked up at the millions of stars in the night sky they began connecting some stars with imaginary lines to create a picture or figure.
These group of stars that formed the pictures are called constellations. The pictures are all imaginary.
Constellations were very useful for our ancient travellers and before calendars were created farmers did not know when to sow and when to harvest. They depended entirely on the constellations of stars. Constellations also were good reference points for astronomers.

A number of mythological stories and personal experiences also were centred on these constellations.

As more stars were being discovered and more constellations were being introduced, in 1922 the International Astronomical Union (IAU) decided to create an official set. Most of the original constellations (Ptolemy and other earlier European astronomers) were retained and some new ones were introduced.

From earth's perspective, stars in a constellation appear to be close to each other because we lose the sense of depth and it appears to be two dimensional.

Of the 88 constellations, thirteen constellations move along the ecliptic path of the Earth. Actually  that moves and it appears that the sun and stars are moving.

Of these thirteen, astrologers use twelve (omitting Ophiuchus) to make predictions. 
 In ancient times Astronomy and Astrology were sister sciences, developing side by side, at one point Astrology was more important.

Astrology ceases to be a science in modern times as it has been proved that the future predictions and personality analysis based on star/planetary position have no scientific validation.

The planets always keep to their elliptical path. They do not  swerve away from their orbits.There is no question of Guru or Shani moving from one Rasi to the other.

The term “occupying” a zodiac/constellation is really a misnomer (if that is the right word). It is actually an illusion that Jupiter is occupying a zodiac.

Jupiter is relatively closer to us than the stars.

As Jupiter orbits the sun, we, from Earth, see the different constellations along with it though they are in the background. The two-dimension effect makes it appear as if Jupiter occupies that particular constellation (zodiac in astrology).

Period of stay is determined by the fact that Jupiter’s “path” or orbit is far away from the Sun and it takes 12 years for to complete one orbit. Therefore it appears to us as if Jupiter stays in one constellation, which is one year.

Similarly Saturn, which is farther away from the Sun, takes 29 years to orbit around the sun, taking about 2.4 years to move from one constellation zone to the next.

The mathematical calculations in astrology, whether it is science or not, are simply captivating ,especially the calculation of timings, sub division, sub-sub division etc. The prediction part, which is of significance to common man is a slip-shod one. We have definitely come to a conclusion that the prediction part is not essentially based on science but on what is known as 'Anumaana Sastra', the theory of probability.

No astrologer in India or abroad seems to have hinted at the massive destruction of human beings from the face of the earth in the recent past by a non living being called Corona, of which every human being is scared to think. It gets life and starts multiplying in millions on entering human body. Even this year's panchangam does not contain any such prediction, though not of death, but of some malific disorder facing the earth. Therefore Anumana Sastra has not struck the minds of astrologers.

I am eagerly expecting some text book from authors who affirm that astrology is 100% Science and that the mistakes lie with astrologers with limited knowledge and not on astrology itself. As on date it is a fabric of imagination.

Even great astrologers of the past were talking about movement of the planets around various zodiacs. It may be due to  the assumption of a geocentric and later heliocentric universe.

Early civilizations thought that the Earth was the center of the entire Universe, up until the 16th century.

Later Copernicus formulated the model that it was the sun that was the center of the Universe. (Though this theory was proposed in the 3rd Century by Aristarchus). 

It was in 1923 that Edwin Hubble proved that there were multiple galaxies. That changed the way we looked at the skies. Now they say there is not just Universe but "multiverses" or parallel universes.

The documentation of the timings and celestial occurrences would be correct because nature never failed to deliver. That's why the facts always remain the same. The precision in which nature behaves (be it on Earth or out in space) is mind numbing and is a source of constant awe and marvel!

Astrologers have interpreted these facts differently to justify their beliefs.

Predictions  and analyses on any individual or his/her life based on planetary positions have not been proven scientifically.

Our Earth is so tiny in the grand scheme of things and you and I are insignificant. No star or planet is going to focus on a single person and change his/her destiny.
 Better be relaxed, whichever zodiac Guru is stated to occupy. It can never change the destiny.

Think of good things and accept whatever happens as good.

Many thanks to the author Shri Subramanya Sarma.

Vathsala Jayaraman"

*Write-up received via Group email. 

F.  Follow up : Child Labour in mines:

Mica Mining Exposes Child Labor In The Makeup Industry



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