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I had planned to give a break for Daily message today. As I forgot to mention that yesterday, I thought let me think about forgetfulness today. 
Then I remembered something different.

M G Warrier

Warrier's Collage 22062020

A. Positive thinking

 Reduce stress by eliminating negative self-talk 

B. Expect the Unexpected

Unexpected Events In Life: How to effectively deal with it? - Learn2LiveFully

This is the mildest and simplest article about a complicated subject. It's easy to put a sign board in your mind : "Expect the unexpected". But when something "negative" happens, the writing on the board gets blurred and one reads "Why to me?"
There are real life success stories of individuals and families who crossed such bumps by successfully manipulating the available gears. Read the narrative at E below between the lines.

C. Spare 15 minutes

E. A journey with the brain*

For the past 32 years I have visited Neuro physician on umpteen occasions, waiting for more than two hrs on each day.We had an array of medical journals referring to brain functioning.There were highly interpretative articles in some books that I had no mind to leave them.

A question that haunted  me was whether the full potential of my gray matter is used up or not.  "Apparently not".  I knew that I have a long way to go to reach its full potential. 

How much of its capacity is used up on unnecessary matters unrelated to my growth and development? What are the enhancement techniques I could use besides the traditional teachings I know such as sleep well, exert regularly, stay focus, watch  nature etc ?
 At the formative stage when our brain development takes place, we keep imbibing some inherent principles, values, practices, etc. from what we watch from friends and family. Not all of them are something we need to cherish for life. When we get to the discrimination stage, we do revolt on issues that affect our day to day interest. 
 Our cognitive brain thrived on limited data we had stored at our early stage of growth and formed a pattern of thinking. We should also challenge the pattern of thinking to change our lives. 
 Every encryption that we create in the sub-conscious brain becomes a will, powered with significant amount of energy, positivity and enthusiasm resulting in greater growth and development. For that, we have to challenge the existing goals and create new ones thereby constantly raising the bar. The changes of achieving the goals increases manifold when something is encrypted in our subconscious brain.
 Development of new habits that contribute to our growth and development has significant impact to our sub-conscious brain. It is our habits that make us who we are. Our character development is directly proportional to our habits. What we receive as information, our reaction and eventual response determine who we become. Who we are, is our current habits and who we would like to become, is the habits we wish to develop. 
 The biggest mistake we normally do is to make an independent effort for our growth and development.  The attempt to generate a collective wisdom is far more valuable than wisdom that is derived individually.  Utilising the combined intellectual capabilities is a greater way to stimulate our brain power.
The outcome that one should expect by stimulating the brain is a sense of fulfillment.
Seeking knowledge is a noble pursuit.  The art of learning itself is a subject worthy of some contemplation. From my limited academic perspective, I am sharing some of the wonderful new things we've learnt about how our brains acquire and process new information.
Cognitive overload is a real phenomenon! I remember when I was studying for my board exams, after a point, reading more material would start to feel like the struggle to shove another pile of clothes into an overflowing almirah!
It is like saturation. My brain was soaked with information and irrespective of how hard I tried, not one drop more would get absorbed. Research has now shown that this is indeed true. Faced with a barrage of information, the brain experiences cognitive overload and its efficiency goes down significantly.
We have seen ashtavadhanis and dasaavadhanis in villages who concentrated on multiple tasks very easily wondering us all.
Now they say that  multitasking isn't the productivity booster that it was treated to be. It is actually quite bad for our brains. Appa  was right! One thing at a time with full attention is the way to go.
The other concept that fascinates me endlessly is neuroplasticity. It is the brain's ability to rewire connections and make them stronger or weaker based on how often we use them. Positive thinking then, is an exercise in rewiring connections to change our perceptions. When we focus on the negatives we are strengthening the connections that lead to pessimistic thinking and obsessing over worst case scenarios. If we do it repeatedly, it becomes second nature.
For the past five months, many of us are reeling under anxiety created by Corona.
 I think many of us do have anxious thoughts about our children/grand children. Consciously choosing to think better thoughts leads to physical changes in our brains. Optimism can be learnt by focusing on the positives.
The idea that function can alter brain physiology is perhaps the key to learning. We can change our brains simply by controlling the information we choose to put in them. The right information, creates the underlying structure to efficiently process and absorb that information. 
 I have experienced cognitive overload when I was preparing for my University  degree final exam. I had  to shut down my brain for 4-5 days and I was told it created B12 deficiency. I was given 4-5 shots and I was back in action. Later I learnt that  my effort was way beyond my cerebral capacity. 
There is a lot written about the effects of neuroplasticity in the form of encryption created in the sub-conscious brain. Everything about the brain is fascinating. I heard that apart from not feeling the pain, even if we lose 60% of the brain, the balance of 40% can make up to rewire our day to day functions. 
It  is stunning and amazing how my husband was made to improve when he had Cerebral  hemorrhage due to accident in 1988 and how the process of treatment and  Positive thinking created profound impact in his  life. From coma for 25 days,losing all the memories and bringing back the memories and facts one by one at a time with exhaustive coaching by us till he returned to normalcy enabling him  to work in office -was a journey in itself.

Received from Smt Vathsala Jayaraman, Chennai by Group mail.


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