Warrier's Collage 23062020 : Hobbies


Watch "100th Dasakam , Narayaṇeeyam -- Smt P. Leela - English subtitles" 

An interesting "Dasakam" from Narayaneeyam, recitation by P Leela. English subtitles help understand the meaning of Sanskrit words.

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Warrier's Collage 23062020 : Hobbies

Hitavada cartoon

Cartoon with a message :

By Bimbadhar Misra

A. Hobbies

You have already accepted some of these, perhaps without identifying them as hobbies!

B. Current Affairs

Jayaram Nayar's observations about corporate governance in banks and role of directors.

C. Meditation

Posted online comments (copied below)

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interesting thoughts. meditation is a commonly misunderstood word. because of the popular perception, meditation is considered as something which is related to yoga and pranayama. true, it is. but, different schools of meditation have come up from art of living of sri sri to vipassana. yoga and meditation help us in providing exercise to body and rest to mind. they also remind us about the role of breathing. meditation is not about the \"tapas\" of rishis. it\'s about healthy breathing and consciously keeping out negative thoughts.'
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D. Response

Shri V Babusenan's response to Warrier's Collage, 20062020

"A young aspirant to stardom suddenly became famous through a tremendously popular film. Success went to his head and manifested through his behaviour. His father was watching this.One day, while the young man was going out ,the father, who sat in the veranda reading newspaper, called him and asked :"Son,why is goddess Saraswathi depicted as sitting on a lotus?"
"Why such a funny question?"said the son with some irritation. "Artists do   many things like that.They will depict Vishnu lying on a snake and Shiva carrying a woman on his head."
"Still there must be some reason for it" said the father.
"I don't know"
"Then listen. Knowledge, wisdom and art  should engender humility. Goddess Saraswathi is presumed to be the embodiment of  these three things and therefore, she must personify utmost humility. As lightness is an aspect of humility, she is so light that she can sit even on a lotus. Nothing will happen. You may go now."
Jagathi Srikumar, the comedian non-pareil of the Malayalam cinema, once told this story as his own experience.


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