Warrier's Collage 17062020 : Mutual Dependence

Warrier's Collage 17062020 : Mutual Dependence


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Today's subject originated from Bimbadhar Misra's cartoon published in Hitavada (see A(b)). The incident, according to media reports happened in Naupada district of Orissa on June 11, 2020. An elderly woman (aged 120 years as per report) sent her 70 year old daughter to bank to draw Rs1500 from her pension account. Bank official insisted physical presence of account holder before release of money. The daughter carried her mother to the bank by pushing the cot on which her mother was lying from house to the bank. Bank released the money. What's the role of neighborhood and the bank officials in such a situation? Call media people and publicize the agony? Or remain vigilant and provide timely support to the old mother and daughter?
Neighborhood vigilance and support would have avoided the scene reported from Orissa on June11, 2020 and I would not have been writing on this subject today!

M G Warrier

A. Mutual dependence

Metaphysics Of The Covid 19 Pandemic

How suddenly we have been reminded of the mutual dependence.

B. Current Affairs :

a) Elderly daughter carries 120-year-old mother on cot to bank for pension - India News

b) Cartoon

C. Dimensions of Mutual Help

What Mutual Aid Can Do During a Pandemic | The New Yorker

I'm yet to read this May 11, 2020 article in full. It contains useful insights.

D. Management lessons

Management Lessons from Ramayana

E. Movie

Watch "Samskara Movie" 


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