Message, 06062020 : Health and Recovery

 I was not remembering the Barbarika story in this much details. 
A little lengthy video.
This YouTube link was accessed yesterday in the context of Barbarika story included in my message (as narrated by Smt Vathsala Jayaraman). Uploaded by them a year ago, viewed by only 308 so far.

Message, 06062020 : Health and Recovery

Good Morning

M G Warrier

A. Remain healthy for quicker recovery 

This article may sound irrelevant to your present health status. But once you glance through, you may remember some of the health tips you have been listening to, but postponed a trial.

B. Indian Pension System: Social security for elders 

Link to my blog post in which I have drawn from a long letter addressed to SBI by an SBI-retiree is copied above. As posts with certain types of content are being rejected by Times of India editorial staff, I have used only excerpts from the letter without quoting names etc. and talked in a general way. Hope some readers will post online comments to bring real issues into focus.
In an earlier post, I had given the background of NPS*. As you will appreciate, in-depth research without any support is difficult. Therefore, quite possible, I would have missed some important developments/issues.

C. Remembering Devaluation

Lessons from a tale of two rupee devaluations

1) Losses and gains of devaluation. Remember the day of "sixes", 060666, or June 6, 1966 ? Today is June 6.

D.  Gardening :

She sticks a rose stalk into a potato and look what happens a week later.


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