Message 11062020 : Equality

 "Infiniprayer - The Universal Prayer"

Watch "Mahatria Ra the spiritualist wakes up his audience to the 'realities' of life" (link below)

Mahatria Ra (original name T T 
Rangarajan) in addition to his other roles has been a motivational speaker for a long time now. Here he addresses a large audience of doctors at a convention organised by Shankar Netralaya, few years ago. Just listen, you will never regret or forget!
More about him at:

I request you to listen to Ra using the YouTube link above. I had earlier mentioned to some of you about his book "Unposted Letter" gifted to me by Dr Naman Vora. Read a review of the book at C here.
If you find any of the links would be useful for one of your dear ones, please share. Though most of these are easily accessible, most of us are busy and depend on media or friends to do the "search".

M G Warrier

Message 11062020 : Equality

A. On Equality

Is equality a possibility ? Equality is not natural even in the animal world.
Economic equality may lead to stressful hierarchical inequality. Not as simple an issue as Economists tell you.

B. Equality is a species

Posted online comments :

Dear Reader,
Your comment on the article 'EQUALITY IS A SPECIES' is now live on
the article has raised some fundamental issues about equality or more correctly \"created inequality\".
happy to find bloggers here willing to talk unconventionally. new ideas, new thoughts flow without inhibitions of old \"texts\". this is a welcome trend which should be supported and encouraged.
To reply to this comment , or see the whole conversation, click here.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
 Team TOI

C. Link to a Book Review

Unposted Letter by Mahatria Ra

D. Response

Shri V N Kelkar writes with reference to Message 10062020:

"I liked the article- 
'it's time to measure 21st century ageing with 21st century tools.'
Just before domestic flights began to operate,
Shri Puri, the Aviation Minister appeared on a TV channel and answered many a questions on resumption  of domestic air travel. The advisory of the Government said 'those above 65 may stay at home'. The anchor asked him whether the Government will not allow them to fly ?
He clarified that if their health permits they can certainly fly. There is no ban as such.
This answer came as a relief to us as me and my wife, both plus 70 were to fly back home soon after skies were opened up.
In our housing society we have three very elderly ladies around 95 years and are managing themselves reasonably well. 
The article has dealt with the issue comprehensively.


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