Warrier's Collage 18062020 : Leadership

Warrier's Collage 18062020 : Leadership


Watch "Totakashtakam - Music for Healing (Verses in English & Meaning) - Jaya Vidyasagar, Rishi S" 

Please don't miss Senior Advocate N Venkataraman's talk on Level 5 leadership qualities to be learnt from Adi Shankara (B below). 
Yesterday when I wrote about the incident of an elderly lady in Orissa carrying her mother to a bank for drawing Rs 1500 from her mother's bank account, I had read only one media report. Later I accessed some more information. The amount drawn was three months' pension ( ₹500X3). No one has so far commented on the inadequacy of ₹500 for a 120 year (ok, 100 year old according to other reports) to survive in India. Those who work in the establishment which sanctioned this pension are looking forward to the certainty of a pension in 5 digits and its doubling if they survive to live beyond 100 years. India is celebrating suspension of a Gramin Bank official who worked in a remote bank branch who in certain situations couldn't foresee the developments under multiple pressures. This incident got so much attention. A reader forwarded my message yesterday to RBI Governor also.
My two blog posts on the Indian Pension System published @WarriersViews, TOI didn't attract a single comment. The only online comment on the two articles was posted by me! 
( See "Indian Pension System: Social security for elders" @

A. Current Affairs

1) Watch "Depositor,Be Aware!"

Dr Jayaram Nayar takes a view of bank depositors' stakes in the present situation.

2) Update

Odisha bank manager suspended after woman drags 100-year-old mother on a cot to branch - 

More details about Odissa incident.

B.  Leadership

Watch "Level 5 Leadership Traits of Adi Shankara - By Senior Advocate N. Venkataraman" 

Venkataraman gives a brief account of setting up of 4 Matths and Shankaradigvijaya and relates the institutionalization of Acharya's teachings and his winning over those with multiple incoherent views without hurting their sentiments. Please note the focus on "listening". 
There's a reference to "Thotakaashtakam" in Venkataraman's talk. See the Prayer above.
From a different perspective, I have included the advice of the author of "Man's Search for Meaning" on listening (See D below). Do listen to the audio of the book, when free.

C. Qualities of an ideal leader:

1) 15 Qualities of an Ideal Leader 

According to Kautilya a.k.a. Chanakya – Vedic Management Center

Arthasastra is a mine of knowledge on governance and management also.

2) 6 Qualities of a Leader - APJ Kalam

3) Watch "6 Qualities That Make a Great Leader by APJ Abdul Kalam"

4) Leaders must be readers

D. Listen, Listen... : 

1) Viktor E Frankl's advice

"Viktor Frankl, one of the great psychiatrists of the twentieth century, survived the death camps of Nazi Germany. His little book, Man’s Search for Meaning, is one of those life-changing books that everyone should read.

Frankl once told the story of a woman who called him in the middle of the night to calmly inform him she was about to commit suicide. Frankl kept her on the phone and talked her through her depression, giving her reason after reason to carry on living. Finally she promised she would not take her life, and she kept her word. 

When they later met, Frankl asked which reason had persuaded her to live?  

"None of them", she told him. 

What then influenced her to go on living, he pressed?  

Her answer was simple, it was Frankl’s willingness to listen to her in the middle of the night. A world in which there was someone ready to listen to another's pain seemed to her a world in which it was worthwhile to live.

Often, it is not the brilliant argument that makes the difference. Sometimes the small act of listening is the greatest gift we can give.🙏"

2) Watch "Man's Search for
 Meaning" audiobook by Viktor E Frankl 

Recommended reading by my friend KPV Karunakaran, Ex-RBI.

D. Follow up:

Patanjali helps 120-year-old woman who had to be dragged on cot by daughter to Odisha bank - Republic World

This report and the report I quoted yesterday gives the pensioner's age as 120. In the report in The Hindu at A (2) above the pensioner's age is 100 and daughter's age is 60. If 120 is the correct age, she is likely to become a celebrity as the oldest surviving person on this planet. God bless her.


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