Message 09062020. : Creative Visualisation


Shree Suktam 

Recited by Anuradha Podwal 

Good Morning

M G Warrier

Message 09062020 : Creative Visualisation


We come across people with different perceptions about happiness among our own relatives and friends. I have found it interesting to watch their progress in life. What makes a person happy depends a lot on the person's attitude to life. Happiness and contentment are different. I enjoy reading the analysis in this article.

B. Creative Visualisation

Book review: Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain - Citywire

Yesterday I received eBook version of this book from a relative. Found the contents interesting. So, sharing a review.

C. On a tangent

Cor(o)nered thoughts

Let's allow free expression of thoughts. Who knows which seed will become a tree ?

D. Select responses:

1) T J Kurup, Ex-RBI, Thiruvananthapuram
Responding to Message 08062020 :

"Poems by Narendra Modi--Wonderful and unbelievable.👌👍.Seshan's experience in his own words"education; position; or social status is never the yardstick for the measure of humanity"is an eye-opener.👍👏"

2) V Babusenan, Ex-RBI responding to Message 03062020 wrote:

"That Vivekananda had photographic memory is news to me.Thanks.I remember to have read somewhere that he possessed the gift of grasping the content of a paragraph by merely looking at the opening sentence which he displayed in the Max Muller anecdote.
Lord Macaulay is said to have possessed photographic memory.His father got him admitted to Cambridge .On the opening day he ,along with his friends ,went round the premises.Somewhere they saw a big marble board carrying the names of the topmost wranglers of each year.After they came back to the hostel ,there arose a dispute about the year on which a certain person was the top wrangler. When Macaulay Jr was provoked,he told them that he would recite all the names with the years.They might, if they wished ,write down and check up with the board.They did and found, to their utter surprise ,that the list tallied in every respect!
It is said that this extra-ordinary gift gave him a lot of trouble while writing the history of England.Enormous data rushed to his memory which he found extremely difficult to edit.
Yet he could not continue in Cambridge as mathematics was a compulsory subject there and it was anathema to him!
Photographic memory was of great use in the previous centuries of secret treaties,but in the present world of mobile phones and pen cameras,it is  hardly of any significance.
With Regards.
V Babusenan"

3) Shri C V Subbaraman's response to Message 08062020:

"Return to Normalcy? As the basis of Normalcy has changed in the light of the experience gained during the Lockdown, where is the question of "return"? There is no return, but only adapting to the new norms of life and living.

We have to continue the "social distancing" norm for indefinite period. Do we have go to take this forward like the practice adopted long time back by various Jain Munis, by continuing to wear masks? Perhaps, more  yes than not.

Washing our hands and legs after we return home  from going out for anything and any length of time - whether for five minutes or five hours. NOT merely with water but with soaps/disinfectants. Norms for washing vegetables before we take them in or we take them for cooking. 

WE cannot afford to go out frequently, either for meeting a friend or relative within or without the town, village or metro, WITH OR without appointments. If we went without appointment, we would have to return within an appropriate but welcome disappointment, which would be in the interests of the physical well being of both sides!

No jaywalking any longer - this is particularly applicable for the ebullient youth.  They should understand the value of life (i.e. state of being alive) itself.

Education through on line even from the childhood? Will this revolutionalise teacher - student relationship, community programmes, student unions, cultural programmes, sports events,
the position of stadiums in sports events, etc.? Most likely not, after a year, when the "return" to old styles would register.

Would the aged be further marginalised?

Think over.

Subbaraman "



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