Warrier's Collage 21062020 : Yoga Day 2020

Warrier's Collage 21062020
(Yoga Day Special)

Today is International Yoga Day. Unlike in the past and in the future, this year world is observing Yoga Day from home.
Father's Day is also being observed today. (See E below)

M G Warrier


 "Om Sahana Vavatu | Shanti Mantra | With Lyrics And Meaning | Mantra From The Upanishad" 

A.  What is Yoga?

1) Yoga — What is Yoga? — Definition of the Sanskrit Word

2) Watch "The Ultimate Secret of OM | Swami Sarvapriyananda" 

3) Significance of OM

A blog @ Speaking Tree posted few years ago by me.

B. International Yoga Day 2020

Watch "PM Narendra Modi's message on International Yoga Day 2020" 

PM's message : Stay Home : "Yoga from Home"

C. Current Affairs

Please listen to this speech from Ladakh 

D.  Yoga Literature

1) Amid COVID-19, Special 'Yoga Module' by India's Mission to UN to Commemorate International Yoga Day 2020

E.  Father's Day : June 21, 2020

The unsung hero 

In this article Smt Vathsala Jayaraman, Ex-RBI excellently depicts the role of the father in the family.

F. Yoga Teaching

1) Yoga Vidya Niketan Dadar Mumbai | Membership Fees Facilities & Reviews - Live Classes | Fitternity

2) During last century my wife Sudha attended a one year Yoga Teacher Training Programme at Yoga Vidya Nikethan, Mumbai. If the following link opens, Sudha Warrier is doing yoga demonstration for the benefit of those present at a Family Get-together in Kerala (few years ago):


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