Tiny Spec's Mystic Adventure

Tiny Specs Mystic Space Adventure - 1 - Dr. Devi Warrier 

The eBook version of "Tiny Spec's Mystic Adventures " is alsopublished.
This Book is written by Dr.Devi Warrier(D/o Late .CSV Warrier  Anandabhavanam Varium and Smt P.Ambika Devi Chunakkara Varium and w/o Mr.Rajshekar S Warrier from Thervelil  Varium and Thrikkannamangal Varium
The Illustrator  is Mrs.Amritha Prasam Warrier Masters in Design from National Institute of Design , Ahemedabad, India ; d/o Rajshekar Warrier and Devi Warrier mentioned above and W/oMr. Prasampal Pal , Indira puri, New Delhi ;
And Edited by Ms Archana Suresh Warrier doing Masters in University of Reading ,UK- an extension of Oxford University .She is daughter of Late Suresh Warrier Anandabhavanam Varium and Chunakkara Varium   and Smt. Usha Suresh d/o Chowallur Krishnankutty and Smt Saraswathi Chowallur
The E book is available throughout world .The link being 

The publishers are also offering prizes  for Best online review

Congratulations  Devi Warrier

M G Warrier, Mumbai


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