Warrier's Collage 12062020 : Patience

Watch "Patience and Perseverance for Lasting Happiness | Happiness Challenge Day 21 | Swami Mukundananda" 

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My Gokuldham friend and Exrbites Group Sarathi Shri Madan Gauria suggested my daily message subject line should carry a word or two to express its identity. 
Result : 
"Warrier's Collage 12062020" was born. 
Thank you, Madan!

M G Warrier

Warrier's Collage 12062020 : Patience

A. Cultivate patience


Dada Vaswani tells us to "cultivate patience" and "hold on to it". He gives an example of a hospital nurse. Out of lakhs in the medical profession, one person losing patience becomes a news and remains as "Breaking News" for three days. Just remember how many times we become impatient when we ourselves or someone close to us is a patient!

B. Hospital Etiquette: What Never to Do When Visiting Someone in the Hospital 

Have a glance and make your own "Code of Behavior" while visiting hospitals and try to comply with.

C. Having patience with patients

This link may not lead us to any text book/comprehensive guidelines on the subject. But may provoke thoughts on changes in our approach to patients we may come across.

D. Way to success

Watch "5 Rituals That Predict Success | Robin Sharma" 

Robin Sharma is a successful author, successful motivational speaker and one who has been successful in life by guiding others to success. 

E. Obituary

Former Planning Commission member Dr A Vaidyanathan passes away

May A Vaidyanathan's soul rest in peace.

Copied below are excerpts from a message shared by Dr S L Shetty:

"Apart from being an erudite scholar in
Development Economics, Prof A Vaidyan athan was a gentleman par excellence. My contact with him has been now over 50 years. I used to meet  him in Krishna
Raj's cabin in EPW and when he was a member of  the Planning
Commission. We worked together in an RBI committee.
Of late I have been in touch with him regularly. I spoke to him about
a month ago. He had serious health issues.
    On the 8th of February 2019, I was touched when he shared with a
few of us  about a100-page note  on "Experiments with
Multidisciplinary Research" and wrote :"attached is a sort of my swan
song; would appreciate your comments." On the 10th April 2019, I did
send my appreciative observations on the note. Since then I have been
in touch with him on phone. Earlier, while he was in Chennai, he was
staying near Dr. Meenakshi Tyagarajan's house. Vaidyanathan's loss is an immeasurable loss for us, for me in
particular. He was very affectionate towards me. I would miss him to
the bottom of my heart. Yes, we have lost a great compatriot.

   S. L. Shetty

F. A Response

Message 10062020 : 21st century aging : Smt Vathsala Jayaraman's response

"On reading Shri Warrier's mail on teachings of 
Paramahamsa Yogananda I am reminded of a small story.
There was a pleasure trip by sea. During violent storm, only two men escaped, all others were drowned and the ship immersed totally.
Both  of them were working for the same firm, though totally from varied financial set up.
They were in an island surrounded by grass and stones. There was not even a shady tree.
Both decided to stay in different opposite shores.They decided to pray God and verify whose prayer was more successful.

Both of them prayed for food first. The rich person got certain fruits floating on water from his side.the poor friend didn't get anything.
The rich, having satiated his hunger, longed for the company of a girl.Surprisingly, a small ship broke on his side with a young beautiful girl as survivor.

He was attracted by her charm, got married to her with God as witness.
The poor man was still suffering on the other side of the island.The rich man got all his needs,good food, clothing etc that sidelined near his shore.The poor man was totally depressed.
After a week, the rich man needed a boat to travel to his own place. Next day, fortunately a small boat arrived to take the couple.

The rich was totally proud of the efficacy of his prayer and got ready to get into the boat with his wife.The man on the other side was not aware of these developments and was suffering still.

The rich thought that his friend was fit for nothing and that is why he was not even blessed by God too. He talked of his intention openly and said that even God was not interested in listening to his prayers.
 As he was trying to leave the island, an unknown voice was heard "why do you leave your
friend alone in the lonely island and start on your own?"
The rich man said, "I sincerely prayed God. He blessed me with whatever I needed. God did not pay attention to my friend's prayers. He was not sincere in his prayers."

The voice gain spoke, "What you think is wrong.Your friend prayed only for one thing.I fulfilled his prayer. If he had not prayed, you would not have been blessed with whatever 
you wanted"

The rich asked, "What did the other man pray?'

The voice replied. Your friend prayed thus.
"My friend is born in a rich family. He is not used to starvation and other sufferings. So I pray that all his wants should be immediately fulfilled.

I am born in a poor family and I am used to these sufferings. My only prayer is that whatever he prays should be fulfilled and he should be happy. This is my only prayer.Nothing else I need"

The rich friend was totally ashamed of his own 
behaviour and sought pardon from his friend.

Moral :- We don't get everything only from out of own prayers. Don't forget that others' prayers also do help a lot in getting God's grace and having our ambitions fulfilled.Behind our success, there is an element of prayer by others.

Vathsala Jayaraman"


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