Warrier's Collage 26062020 : Childhood

Warrier's Collage 26062020 : Childhood


 Watch "Morning Slokas for Kids" 

Remember childhood prayers. Watch nice picturisation and excellent recitation of meaningful Sanskrit stanzas.

If the link at D  opens, watch the video. Doesn't matter if you're not able to follow what he's telling in Tamil. He's telling what you are thinking.
Now, imagine, you were one of those tinies. Till you could fly out alone, someone took good care. When that someone enters "second childhood", someone else takes care. (See C. (2)). God is Great. He ensures continuity in care giving.
There's something called destiny. All of us know that, but seldom remember. Yesterday, when I read in a message about Rani IAS, I remembered this. Reportedly, she narrated her story during an interaction with students in a school when she was District Collector, Malappuram. A student was curious about her dress, not wearing any ornaments and absolute absence of makeup. She said :
"I was born in a tribal district in Jharkhand to parents who were working in Mica Mines. Mines engage child labour and I started working in the mines from age 5. We lived in abject poverty. No electricity, no toilets. Parents, my elder brother, me and my sister lived in a small hut not protected even from rains. My brother became sick and inadequate food and absence of medical attention resulted in his death. When my younger sister became 5, she also started working with us in the mica mines. We started earning enough for our survival.
One day, I remained at home as I had fever. That day, when my parents and sister were still inside the Mines, there was a flood and landfall inside the Mines and in the accident over 100 workers including my parents and sister lost their lives.
As the only surviving child in the family I reached a Government Orphanage where I got opportunity to go to school. Now, I am standing before you.
Tell me, how I will wear attractive dress and jewellery or use cosmetics made from mica collected from Mines by thousands of kids who starve and work when they should be in school?"

M G Warrier

Warrier's Collage 26062020 :  Childhood

A. Rewind and replay


Rewind and replay your childhood... Enjoy

B. Childhood Memories

1) Watch "Memorable Things about Childhood" 

Refresh your memory...From the first day you were hanging on someone's fingers and missing steps...

2) On the stump, at wits’ end 

Mini Krishnan shares a teen-age memory

3) My childhood days inside a temple 

This is a repeat for some of you. But many new friends have started viewing my blog and "opening" my messages.
Even yesterday, a friend who was receiving my mails daily, opened my WhatsApp message for the first time and spared valuable time to respond.

C. Current Affairs

1) Habits are meant to be changed

Skip this and keep for tomorrow, if time is a constraint. But must read.
Posted online comments :

Dear Reader,
Your comment on the article ' Habits are meant to be changed.' is now live on timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog.
once we accept change as something acceptable for adjusting to the realities of life, half the problem vanishes. the rigidity we have built into our customs and practices during last century had targeted an illiterate majority and did serve a purpose. with improved literacy and a more informed society, time is opportune for leaving some of the choices to individuals, so long as their choices do not encroach other people\'s rights.'
To reply to this comment , or see the whole conversation, click here.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
 Team TOI

2) An important message from Kochi

Copied below is message received from my local guardian in Kochi Shri Nandakumar (All major cities which I have visited, I have designated my local guardians. As I don't have necessary statutory permissions, names have not been revealed yet!😊)

"πŸ‘†πŸ»Handing over our final instalment for a reserved accomodation in the Palliative Care Centre-Peace Mission...thanks KPJ and other members who made itπŸ™

Dear all
Today our treasurer Shri KPJ has contributed an amount of Rs 1Lakh through our PLF as donation to a Palliative Care Centre under Angel Guardian Peace Mission- a well run centre looking after those on terminal diseases, . At present there are 35  inmates there and the centre is extending their services further by construction of another block mostly with AC rooms. 

There was a felt need for our Association, which is already running a retirement  home(RBR) @ Gandhipuram Aluva to reserve a room there exclusively for us, by paying the requisite charge/share of Rs 5 L. On a call from our Association,  some of our members had contributed for this cause through PLF and we could already mobilise and give Rs 4L. 

With todays donation by KPJ we could reach our target. A big thanks to KPJ  and  other well wishers who contributed their mite for this noble cause. Yes, in the extremely unfortunate situation of somebody amongst us - any member (of our retirement home - River Bank Residency or Reserve Bank Retired Employees' Association Kochi) haunted by such a stage in our old old ..age, we have now reserved a room there. Even now, the Assn can sponsor  any such patient with terminal diseases to the centre. 

The construction of our signature project of Pathyasa Retirement Homes (now rechristened as RBR) was an uphill task and its successful running is an ongoing  challenge for our unit. Now our associating with such a premium institution to safeguard against the threat of a terminal disease is only a natural corollary. But lets hope none of us will be destined to occupy the room reserved by us.

Stay safe and healthy during these pandemic days. Let us keep away physically adhering to extant rules; but stay connected through our communicating media. 


D. Childhood

Learn from nature

Hope this link opens. Please see opening observations.

E. Responses

1) B +Ve

My friend Shetty, Ex-RBI, who stays in our Dreams Complex responded yesterday:

"I am very positive about the second half of 2020πŸ‘

20/20 is like twins in movies where one is bad and one is good...so bad 'ka kirdhar hoh gaya'... now it's time for the good 20πŸ‘πŸŽŠ with a happy ending...

Picture abbi baki hai mere DostπŸ˜„

Let's spread the positivity that second half will be good year and change the negative aura to positive...πŸ™πŸ™"

I agree with him.

2) 26 letters with many psilent! ( "P" silent and absent)

Shri V Babusenan had this to say yesterday :
A few days ago, a stabbing incident took place in the town of Reading near London.Today a relation of mine called from London. She works in the British Library. I asked her about the Reading incident. She said she is staying in that place which is called Redding and not Reading! That is the English. They write one thing and read it as another.
Today I happened to read a scholarly dissertation of PPR on the evolution of unwanted letters in words in the English language. I understand that it was inspired by you.
You must be knowing that the famous playwright Bernard Shaw was a champion of the movement for getting rid of unnecessary letters  from words and different pronunciations of the same letter or group of letters from the English language. He is known for his elaborate prefaces for his plays. In one such preface, if I remember correct for Pygmalion (later filmed as My Fair Lady) , Shaw discussed this topic in detail. He coined a word 'ghoti' and wanted us to read it as 'fish'. His reasoning was like this:
1.In the word 'enough' we pronounce 'gh' as 'f'
2.In the word 'women' we pronounce 'o' as 'i' in 'kick'.
3.In the word 'station' we pronounce 'ti' as 'sh'
It was Shaw who said, "England and America are two countries separated by the same language."

(Thanks, Babusenan Sir and all others who responded yesterday- Warrier)


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