Warrier's Collage 15062020 : History & Geography

Warrier's Collage 15062020 : History & Geography

Watch "Mahabharata Episode 1 - Shantanu the Unfortunate | Epified" 

History is being discussed in the media today for all wrong reasons. Today, we take a look at Mahabharatham from different angles.

M G Warrier


 What Is an Epic Poem? Learn About the History and Characteristics of Epics with Examples 

What differentiates epics from other literature? Mahabharatham has one lakh stanzas (2 lakh lines) and Bhagavad-Gita (with 700 stanzas) and Vishnusahasranama (with 100 plus stanzas) appear in it. Not only History and Geography, different other subjects like Astronomy, War and Weapon strategies and Diplomacy are woven into Mahabharatham by the owner of a brilliant intellect. That's why it's said, even if the whole knowledge is destroyed and Mahabharatham is preserved, the book can guide the entire reconstruction process.

B. Current Affairs

Watch "Pain after Covid will be unlike anything we have seen before or during 2008 crisis: Manish Sabharwal" 

An apparently realistic assessment of the damage control, post-Lockdown.

C. Mahabharata Story - Interesting Untold stories of Mahabharata

Some episodes rarely narrated 

D. The Geography Of Mahabharata 

Janapadas in Mahabharatha- A Talk By Jijith Nadumuri Ravi - India's Stories From Indian Perspectives

Certain words and stanzas in Vedas and Upanishads are more thought-provoking than others. Our young historian (62) Guha's Twitter quote, 1939 about Gujarat and Bengal has turned out to be something similar. If Ramachandra Guha had not made that tweet, I would not have been sharing this link with you today. That innocent tweet and the controversy the "historian" could generate, made me sit back and think about History and Geography. If you are going to depend on Guha for lessons in History, before that, please open this link and listen to Jijith.

F. Relevance of Nehru

Nehru: The writer, the historian 

Nehru spent a lot of his time thinking and more than that, writing. All his writings had a touch of History and Geography.


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