Warrier's Collage 24062020 : Unbridled Thoughts

Warrier's Collage 24062020 : Unbridled Thoughts


Watch ""Mrityunjaya Stotram" - Mrityunjaya Shiva Mantra - Sacred Chants of Shiva - Shiva Stotram Powerful" 

*Prayer is independent of the daily message, and needless to say, optional. The stanzas are picked up for different reasons, sometimes depending on responses received earlier.

Good Morning

Today, for a change, I have allowed my thoughts to wander free. First my mind entered Kerala forests. Follow me to know where all it went without Aadhaar Card, Passport or Visa. Like Sanakadis, so far no restrictions have been imposed on mind's travel!

M G Warrier 

Warrier's Collage 24062020 : Unbridled Thoughts

A. Forests in Kerala


Forests have a direct role in attracting foreigners which changed the history of the country.

B. Vedic Knowledge

1) Watch "Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge--Full Length" 

Interesting video

2) Idol Worship Prohibited in Vedas

3) Universal Truth

This blog post is brief and interesting. While reading blogs, one need not agree with the perceptions of the blogger. We need not allow the blogger to think on our behalf. We can interpret the quotes in our own way. 

C. Connect Science To Divinity: 

Churning The Milk Ocean - Is This Epic Story A Splendid Space Science?

Imagination unlimited. When idling, read/watch this. I have just glanced through.

D. Response :

Response to Warrier's Collage 23062020 from Shri V Babusenan, Thiruvananthapuram

"Cartoonists read between lines and that is their job.They are purveyors of good  messages to society.They are also capable of altering executive decisions. Here is an example. It happened years ago in Mumbai when the legendary R.K.Laxman was at the pinnacle of his glory.
Complaints arose about the insufficiency of the time allotted for pedestrian crossing  in certain busy areas in the Mumbai streets. Letters in newspapers and representations  did not have any effect on the concerned authorities.One day, in addition to the regular 'You said it', a big cartoon appeared on the front page of Times of India depicting people running across the road at a pedestrian crossing. It was really a sight to see( I had seen it) lame people struggling to cross and women with baskets on their heads,carrying one child and dragging along another. The very next day the crossing time was altered."


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