Mail 04062020 : Your Life in Numbers

This is Amchi Mumbai

Market reopens, Mumbai airport resumes operations as Cyclone Nisagra weakens 

Reading this (accessed at 8 p m on June 3, 2020), remembered Sugathakumari's poem
"Paavam Manavahridayam"
She wrote :
"Human heart is so innocent.
Sight of a star will make it forget the agony of dark night.
Smile of a child will make it forget death and it'll smile with the child!"

M G Warrier

Mail 04062020 : Your Life In Numbers 

Nehru spent 3259 days in jail. Incidentally, those days turned out to be, literally, more productive years in his life. Besides expediting India's freedom, he wrote some of the books which later brought him fame and fortune.
I just tried to recap my own experience. I've spent more than 6 months of my wake-up time inside contract buses or suburban locals in Mumbai during 1986-93. During 1986-99, I spent more than 6000 hours night time on a particular floor of a 25 story building in Mumbai.
Anyone can cook up statistics like this.
Now, heres another story:
I was attending a 6 weeks training program in Chennai during June-July, 1977. During this period, certain domestic developments compelled me to travel 5 times between Chennai and Badagara (670km each way) spending 10 nights and some daytime in unreserved compartments of Madras-Mangalore-Madras trains.
During the initial days of Lock down 1.0, a writer realized that free time was just one of the requisites for creative efforts. He wrote an article on that subject!


Second and concluding part of the Speaking Tree article on habits. First part appeared yesterday.

C. Post-Lockdown: What India should do after the Coronavirus lockdown ends

Light at the end of the tunnel. 

D. Timepass


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