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 Love cocktail on sumptuous platter

Watch "Meera - The divine love of a devotee | Krishna And Meera Story | Artha"

You have heard about Meera's love for Krishna. But some of us may not know, who really Meera was. Here's her story. 

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M G Warrier

A. Appreciation

American government honoured Kalyanasundaram with the ‘Man of the Millennium’ award 

B. Love story

Posted online comments

Online comments:

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loved reading this and would, without hesitation recommend to all past, present and future lovers. from meera to anyone you have in your mind, there are several models for all ages, to pursue love. love, perhaps, is the most misunderstood and misinterpreted word ever. here\'s a reasonably clear thesis on the subject. keep writing. many comments here are misleading, though.'
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C. A History of Political Parties in India | Economic and Political Weekly

We need to base reforms on past experiences and future needs. The one segment in India which never looked back or looked forward since the second half of the last century is political parties. They have been surviving and multiplying under the law of the jungle.

D. Book Review : My Story

Remember Kamala Das ? If you don't remember, please don't take the trouble of opening this link. Too old story, written in a mysterious context.


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