Warrier's Collage 28062020 : Stages in Life

Warrier's Collage 28062020 : 4 Stages of Life

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Warrier's Collage 28062020 : Stages in Life 

A. Current Affairs


Interesting lecture by Dr Jayaram Nayar on India's Foreign Exchange Reserves. 
Three things need follow up:
1) Arriving at a consensus on augmenting forex reserves.
2) Advantageous deployment of reserves, including alterations in the mix in the basket to serve national interests.
3) Earning more from investment without risking safety and liquidity. Better management by up-skilling in-house talent within RBI. Outsourcing of talent has its own disadvantages beyond cost-benefit issues. Like the embarrassment the country is facing owing to the absence of an internationally accepted rating agency in India.

Posted online comments.

B.  Four Stages of Life

Childhood, youth, middle age and "old age" are the four stages one who lives a full life will pass through. Whether full life is 120 years, covering 9 "dasas" or 100 years as discussed in this article or the average longevity at a particular time in a particular geographical area or the figure figured out by acturians for insurance companies or pension fund administrators depends on context.
Accepting the transition from one stage to the next and changing one's attitudes will make life less stressful.

C. At any stage 

1) Detachment

 Watch "Gita Short Message Capsule 81 Detach and Attach Swami Chinmayananda Chapter 4 Verse 20"

Ensure your bogie gets detached from the engine which is going to derail and gets attached to the right one. Think of total detachment at the appropriate time.

2) Watch "6 - FLOW OF LIFE - Swami Chinmayananda" 

Don't obstruct the life's flow.

D. Final Retreat

Retirement housing that is not just an 'old age home' - 

Informative article. Some of us talk "hush...hush" about "VIPs" spending their last days in modern retirement facilities do not know or do not care to know much about the facilities and lifestyle in such places. One reason is, those who reach there remove links connecting them with outside world and reinvent a "safe retreat". In a way, while it makes life smooth for the individuals concerned, but, in some cases, make their dear and near ones unhappy in some cases.

E. Response

Shri V Babusenan responded to Warrier's Collage 27062020 :

The decision of Hindustan Lever to drop the first word 'Fair' from its cosmetic product Fair & Lovely is a fair one. Whatever one may say, a discriminatory assumption that a fair skin is superior to a dark one is ingrained in the existing name.
Let us, for example, take the pronoun 'he'. If you look at the Oxford Dictionary, you will see a noting as follows: 'The use of 'he' to refer to any person, male or female, is considered outdated and sexist by many. Using 'he or she' can be clumsy, so 'they' is often used instead as in the world, 'everyone needs to feel that they matter.' Obviously, this is grammatically incorrect, but is a half-way solution  to avoid  the seemingly male chauvinism.
If we determine to eschew a particular way of thinking as obsolete, we must abandon everything connected with it. It is not enough that one vehemently feels that caste considerations should be  abandoned from modern society and still retains caste appellations like Namboodiri, Nair, Pillai, Menon, etc at the end of one's name saying 'what is there in a name?'.

(In India some caste appellations are not indicative of social or economic status : e g. Rao, Varma/Verma, Sarma/Sharma
M G Warrier)


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