Twenty-first Century Generation Gap

Camaraderie between grandchildren and grandparents

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M G Warrier

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from the joint family system of the first half of last century to this time the changes in our approach to relationship have been significant. the disconnect in personal relations cannot be just brushed aside attributing it to generation gap. the writer of this blog has tried to look into some of the related issues and opened a discussion. i think the debate needs to be taken forward. children and senior citizens are a neglected lot in middle class and upward families in urban and metropolitan areas. in villages, their position and problems remain static, but surprisingly they get more care from the young and active members of their families and society in the neighborhood. when rich people become seniors and look around for love, affection and care from their children and grandchildren, they are literally not able to communicate their need to the persons from whom they expect support. like hospitals provide support systems to retain organs functional, paid care givers sell love affection and nursing care to them at \"market price\"'
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