50 years of Auroville

50 Years of Auroville: The Fascinating Story of the 'City of Dawn'


I visited Auroville sometime during 1970's, when I was in RBI Staff College, Chennai attending some programme.
Don't remember much except the serenity of the vast premises. I had picked up some small pamphlet-like books by 'Mother'.
Across the world, there are big and small "communities" like this which came into being at different times, pursuing different objectives. Examples:
*The Sanyasins living in and around Himalayas and Kashi (Banarus)
* Iskon Group
* Matha Amruthanandamayi Math
* Sree Ramakrishna Mission
* Chinmaya Mission
* Brahmakumaris
* Sai Baba devotees (including Whitefield )
The list is illustrative. If we look at each of them, one common thing is, leadership qualities of certain thoughts or thought leaders attracting people who felt helpless.
Many of us gauge activities of individuals and institutions using our own scales and judge, and fail miserably in assessing their real motives and potential to support the causes they pursue.
Nice Day 

M G Warrier

Bonus timepass:

Received in Group mail from Ex-RBite R Jayakumar :

U cannot beat this creativity


Pankaj fell in love
Pankaj married
Pankaj divorced
Pankaj Udaas

Sameera went to a parlor
Sameera did her hair
Sameera did her makeup
Sameera Reddy

Kangana hit the ball
Kangana took a single
Kangana did not reach the crease
Kangana Ranaut.

Hrithik buys bulb
Hrithik puts bulb in socket
Hrithik switches bulb on
Hrithik Roshan

Neil arms weak.
Neil joins gym.
Neil does chin-ups.
Neil Armstrong

Poonam puts Chuna
Poonam puts Kathha
Poonam puts Gulkand
Poonam puts supari
Poonam Pandey

Anil mombatti
Anil agarbatti
Anil dhoop
Anil Kapoor

Umar walking on the road
Umar got kidnapped
Umar not found by family
Umar Gul

Minisha purchased a cycle
Minisha started riding cycle
Minisha's height increased
Minisha Lamba

William making fruit shake
William took pears
William put them in glass
William Shakespeare

Mika went to studio
Mika went to recording room
Mika took the mike
Mika Singh

Enjoy 😊
Forwarded by
Ratnam Jayakumar


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