Life after lockdown

Life after lockdown
We come across many thoughts on this topic expressed by wise men to fools, world leaders to the man on the street (literally). For some past perfect and future tense will define their present state of mind. This article (see link* at the end ) suggests a simple and realistic approach to the unfolding tomorrow.

M G Warrier

A friend's observations:

The lessons for the future are:
Do not roam about unnecessarily outside your residence. (This will also contribute to saving of the fuel in the form of petroleum products).

Learn to wear masks even in normal times, as many Jain Munis do.

Learn to greet your friends and foes and acquaintances in future with a NAMASTHE instead of extending your hands for shake hand a la western style.

When you come back home, wash your face, hands and legs clean. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Practise it besides preaching it.

Sneezing was considered a bad omen in some circles. But now pay some attention to this. If not a bad omen, it is a warning! Accept it without mocking it.

Learn to eat hygienically cooked food. Do not go to  or frequent the road side stalls selling "tasty" fried and spicy and masala stuff where taste overtakes healthy issues.

After attending a funeral, come and have a good bath! It is not Indian culture or  health standard to go to a funeral in full black suit and come back home and then hang the suit in the wardrobe!

Learn to practise some yoga aasanaas, praanaayaama and physical exercises and do these daily without any excuse or laziness at home. Understand that these are as essential as a daily food, daily bath and daily sleep (not sleep during day!). Do not put off these as applicable only after you retire from service or from your business or profession. After you retire your body will not cooperate with you!

Learn to do your domestic chores yourselves; do not depend on any outside "domestic help": remember "domestic" help should not come from "outside!". Therefore, share your work with others in the family. Shed the notion, "this is not my job".

Teach your children good habits and yoga etc., early in their life. Do not allow lethargy to take over them. 

And to our corporates and government organisations: Please prepare your staff for a healthy life. Give them an advice on preventive measures rather than only meeting their medical bills, subject to many restrictions and limitations! If there is no life, there is no living, no service.

Lead a healthy life from childhood to oldage and beyond. Best wishes.



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