Sharing the load at home : Article by Reshmy Warrier

Shri CV Subbaraman's response to the article "Parentune - 'Sharing The Load' During Corinavirus Lockdown" by Reshmy Warrier:

"The notion that "this is not my job" is a mindset, often inherited in India - I don't know about other countries-. It is unfortunate. There is no such thing as "my job" or "your job" except in offices where duty lists are drawn up and given to the desks, which also carries the omnibus clause "and such other duties as may be assigned by the Manager/supervisor from time to time. Nobody has so far protested about this saving clause(for the "management"), not even any trade union!

If kitchen work is the job of the women, why is it the world over the kitchen work in large, medium and even tiny restaurants and hotels or other eateries by whatever name called, largely  handled by men? Do these "chefs" handle the kitchen work in their homes too, is not known.

One of my colleagues in office who had come along with me on a tour on official work, once told me that he does not wash his clothes at home (there were no washing machines then). "Why should I do it, it is not my job!" he averred. I was amused. I did not agree. In my house, each one  used to wash one's respective clothes, except those of children which used to be washed by one or the other of the elders. A home is not like an office. At home, the work is "shared" by mutual recognition of the fact that running a home is the joint responsibility of all.

I also find some strange habits of people. Many Indians working  in foreign countries do their domestic work without any "domestic help". But once they come to India, they badly need one! Why? In a large number of households the womenfolk themselves are steeped in the belief that their men should not be burdened with domestic chores except eating and sleeping! They are mainly responsible for the mindset which has taken deep roots in our society.



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