Translated version of a poem by Vinod Kumar Shukla

A Poem by Vinod Kumar Shukla

Dedicated to those who will never visit me!
Poem by
Vinod Kumar Shukla*

To meet those who will never come to my house
I'll go wherever they are
Overflowing river
Will not come to my house
To meet people who are like river
I'll go to them
I'll swim, will remain drowned for a while
Hillocks, hills, mountain, lake
Many trees, paddy fields
None of these will come in search of my house.
To see people like full granaries
I'll traverse lands, forests and paths
To meet those involved in work,
With no break for rest
Not when I'm free and idling,
As an essential duty to be attended
I'll keep going 
As we talk about 'last wish',
This's my first priority, always!
            ****.    ****.    ****

*Vinod Kumar Shukla, writer was awarded the ₹5 lakhs worth Book of The Year Award as part of the Mathrubhumi International Aksharotsavam. His is one of the well-known names in the modern Hindi literature. Shukla's first novel is The Servant's Shirt. To his credit are Room on The Tree, Blue is Like Blue (collections of stories), A Window Lived in a Wall (novel) and several collections of poetry.
A Window Lived in a Wall received 1999 Sahitya Academy Award for the best literary work in Hindi. The collection of stories "Blue is like blue" is a collection of stories with focus on the lives of those living in fear in peculiar circumstances.

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