Welcome outcome from disasters and crises

Disasters and crises bring out the best in us 


Today's morning message I dedicate to all of you who inspire me to get up in the morning.
Please do not delete this message before saving the above link which my daughter Reshmy sent to me yesterday night while I was sleeping. Please open and read it when you have time.
I have introduced E X Joseph, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court, who was Secretary General, All India Audit & Accounts Employees Association during 1950's/60's. Our friendship started in 1964 when I worked in AG's Office, Trivandrum and developed into a bonding inseparable relationship which continues. Yesterday morning Joseph and Kalpana Joseph (now in Udayamperoor, Kochi) talked to me for 10 minutes. We had lost contact for about an year or more as Josephs were shuttling between Kerala and US (both their daughters settled in US). It was a pleasant surprise talking to them. Last two weeks, I have interacted with some friends whom I had not telephoned for months. This is another positive outcome of the present situation. If you envy, send a message to someone who didn't respond to your message last time because s/he was driving/busy!

M G Warrier


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