Your Fears, Most are Unfounded : Speaking Tree

Shri C V Subbaraman's response to the Speaking Tree article "Your Fears Most are unfounded" shared in the morning today (April 27, 2020):

"There is a statement by Swami Ramdevji of Patanjali Yogpeeth: Jo darraa vah marraa. It is something similar to saying that a coward dies many a time before his death, but the valiant dies but once. Fear emerges from a known danger while anxiety is also a fear of the unknown. You fear a cobra because you feel that it might bite you. But when you fear of the unknown (like what will happen to one tomorrow suddenly) it is a fear called anxiety.
Can human beings eliminate this feeling or emotion? Perhaps, not.
Worrying is no solution to eliminate fear. Worrying is also one type of fear. Worrying is being state of anxiety about future problems - specific or general and anxiety is fear. When you worry about other things in order to eliminate from your mind one type of fear, you are only transferring your mind from one fear to another! The only way you can eliminate fear for the time being is to concentrate on Dhyaana or Japa or Tapas. There is no other way.



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