Handling Anger Issues

 Subbaraman's observations on the Speaking Tree article* by Deepak Chopra

 Anger Issues

Anger is one of the more common and worse of the emotions of man. Perhaps also in other animals. Anger often arises from a sense of ego and if one can understand that the "other person" who provokes anger in me has also a cause to behave which provokes me, my anger should die a natural death. Unfortunately, such realization comes after the virus of  anger shows its virility on me. Out of the six negatives mentioned in our scriptures, Krodha takes second place, after Kaama, and is succeeded by Mada, Moha,  Maatsarya and Ahamkaara. Even great sages have been unable to contain their anger and scriptures and puraanaas are littered with numerous tales in which the great Rishis and Maharshis get angry and give curses. So to preach that one should overcome anger is good enough, but to put it in practice is far far difficult, as the Malayalam saying goes:

Anyopadesham cheytheedaan Aarkum undu Samarthhatha,
Avayoronnanushtippaan Vahyaa Munimaarkume

*Handling Anger Issues

A brief, interesting advice from Deepak Chopra.

M G Warrier


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