Journey and destination

Journey and destination*

At this juncture the journey of one and all in the globe is  towards 'corona free life'.

We are always advised to live in the present 

moment, enjoy life without worrying about

the future.

"What is this life if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare.

No time to stand beneath the boughs

And stare as long as sheep or cows." A poem

 studied in the college.

Many are of the opinion that journey is more

 important than destination.

I consider that both journey and destination are

 equally important. We don't simply start on a

 journey.We have a destination in mind. All the

 plannings etc, for the journey are based on the

 destination. Journey towards unknown

 destination is normally referred to as life without 


If it is wedding preparation, all our preparations,

 shopping etc, comparable to journeys are with

 reference to marriage only
If you apply for a hi-fi job all your readings,

 references etc are done only with that reference

 in mind.You don't read medical journals for a job

 for marketing executives.

Only we can say that the initiatives we take, 

should be done with involvement, dedication,

 interest and enjoyment.

If a young boy is bed ridden and his condition is

 causing anxiety, we make sincere efforts and 

take all medical special advices to save

 him.Here saving his life is the destination 

point.The journey and destination weigh equal.

But if a 90 year old suffers from terminal

 illness, there is no use of incurring huge

 expenses like ventilator support etc.There 

cannot be any focus on the journey, I mean the

 treatment. Mostly the prayer would be the patient

 should reach the destination peacefully.

In many cases when our life is split into bits and 

pieces, every success in the first bit becomes the

 part of journey of the second part.

S.S. L. C will be the journey when +2 is the 


Plus Two will be the journey when professional

 college will be the destination.

Professional course will be the journey and job 

will be the destination.

Job will be the journey when marriage is the 

destination.Our entire life is full of journeys and

 destinations.That is why it is said that if you 

travel in the proper course, you will reach the 

destination.We can't set aside the destination

 because it will become the journey for the later 


Only the terms are different.

Youth is always in a hurry as if it has no time

 left; old age takes it very slow as if it has all the time

 in the world ". What irony! 

You can't have a pleasant journey if you don't 

plan the correct destination.If you don't plan the

 correct form of journey, you can never reach the

 destination point and there will be no more

 pleasant journeys in life.

Now every human being in the globe has a 

single focus. Isolation and Lockdown have been

 suggested as remedies.We have to follow in

 letter and spirit. Hopefully we will be at the

 correct destination and then march on towards 


*Received via Group email from Vathsala Jayaraman


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