Books : The friend, philosopher and guide

Good Morning
This is shortest and best article I have ever read about books. Frankly speaking, there's nothing in the article which I didn't know yesterday. What made me pick it up today for sharing with you is the simplicity in presentation. For a moment, while reading it, I remembered C Rajagopalachari who had come to our college during 1959-60 (Government College, Madappally at that time the third government college in Malabar region, the other two being Victoria College, Palghat and Brennen College, Tellicherry) and addressed us for about an hour. He didn't tell us anything new which teachers had not tell us earlier. He was sitting and speaking. But all of us listened with eyes and ears open. I remember specifically, moving his head left and right, and using his index finger like a mother uses to tell the child, "No, my Beta, No", he told us : "Don't copy from your friend, when writing examinations"
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M G Warrier


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