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Srinivasa Ramanujan: The Indian Mathematician Who Knew Infinity - Open The Magazine

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The writer Dr G Sreekumar opted to retire while working as Regional Director, RBI, Jaipur in 2018 and has settled in Chennai pursuing teaching, 'learning' and writing.

M G Warrier

*"Perhaps, a series of accidents in his life made it possible for Ramanujan to pursue study of the subject he loved at least for around half of his allowed life-span of less than 33 years. The writer has used his excellent narrative skill which keeps reader curious till the last word of the essay. As a note at the end, he discloses his admiration of the talent of the talent of the mathematician since his school days. One wonders, why can't India start nurturing and exploiting talent in various fields consciously! Why should we wait to recognize or appreciate an Indian's talent until he or she returns after taking some shower-baths in the premises of X or Y foreign universities?
Totally unrelated to science and technology or humanities, here's an example of how to nurture talent. Gokulam Gopalan from Kerala has business interest in different areas. He is associated with a popular TV Channel, Flowers. The channel is conducting a series of dance and music shows in which some 20 contestants selected from thousands, compete. In addition to the prizes for the winners Gopalan sponsored a cash award of ₹20 lakhs each to the participants to finance their education. Something similar to support talented students from Class X onwards, based on the future skill-needs may help reduce talent-drain.
M G Warrier"


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