Divine Power of Family Deity



The brief story you will read, if you open the above link, may be a strange coincidence. That I chose the above subject line for today's morning message is, but deliberate. 
Today, April 29, 2020 is important for several members in my family. This day, few years ago, our Family Deity (Manakkal Bhagavathi) was restored her lost glory through a "re-installation" (Puna: Prathishta). 
Since then, every year, on April 29, many members of my family used to assemble in the compound where the family deity is there in her original space, and participate in the function including "Pujas" etc. It also became an occasion for annual family get-together.
This year, my nephew who coordinates the working of the trust headed by my sister, due to the prevailing circumstances, has advised all family members to stay at respective homes and remember the family deity during their prayers today (April 29).
At my father's ancestral house, which happens to be my maternal and paternal grandfather's "ILLAM" (Kannamkulam Illam near Payyanur in Kerala) daily pujas happen in large puja room where several deities are worshipped along with the family deity.

M G Warrier


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