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Divine Revelations, called the Vedas, are immutable and are valid forever. Sages and saints have given proper 
interpretations and explanations when some of the directives therein seemed to present doubts or appeared to be contradictory. Yet there was one instance where God Himself had uttered a statement that is totally at variance with His own earlier declaration. The Vedic words are that God, can be approached, among other steps, by the study of the Vedas, by chanting them, by the performance of austerities, giving gifts, or by conducting penance or doing sacrifices. 

But God, as Sri Krishna, after having granted His Cosmic Form to Arjuna on the Kurukshetra battlefield, says that all these exercises will be of no avail in beholding His vision in this mundane plane. Are not the two versions puzzling? The Lord Himself has given the answer for this ambiguity.

 "It is only by single-minded, unalloyed devotion that My eternal beautiful Human Form may be perceived, observed and actually realised. True devotees alone can enter into My Blissful Realm. Those who carry out all ordained duties for My sake, refrain from the fruits of their actions, look upon Me as the only supreme goal, and cultivate pure Bhakti in all affairs, will attain My All-attractive Form", replied the Lord to Arjuna's query. 

This will mean that those who study the Vedas or adopt other measures mentioned, not with pure devotion, but through unholy means, for show or by force or for pretension, not dedicating them to the Supreme, cannot see Him.
  After witnessing Krishna's universal "Viswaroopam", Arjuna tendered his apology regretting that he had deemed Him as a friend, jested with Him, at times even showing irreverence, and urged Him to assume His normal form. Krishna told Arjuna that none but he could behold this radiant and limitless form and asked him not to be terrified about any of the forms. Arjuna was privileged to see the huge form because of his devotion.

Regarding the sage Kaka bhushandi
He took the form of a crow and was revolving round the world.
He saw the entire objects of nature as Rama.So Lord Rama somehow decided to show his Vishwaroopam to the sage.As the sage in the form of crow was enjoying the Balalilas of Rama,the child Rama wanted to catch the crow which started flying. The cute little hand of Rama followed the crow wherever it went, even beyond Brahmalokam.The sage was literally panicky.
Ultimately he was back in Ayodhya.He took the form of smallest crow and enjoying the beauty of the child sitting very near to his face.Rama utilised this opportunityand swallowed the crow,The sage could see many brahmandas, crores of devas, maheswaras, stars, many suryas,yamas, lots of mountains, seas and oceans,sages, human beings, kinnaras- among them the beautiful child Rama also.He was totally amazed at this great sight within the small stomach of Rama.

The child Rama laughed loudly at the confusion of the sage held in his stomach.
Along with his laughter, Kakabhushandi sage also came out.
This is beautifully explained by Tulsidas in his Ramacharita manas.
" lok lok prathi bhinna bidhaathaa I
bhinna vishnu shiva manu dhisithraathaa II
nar gandharv bhooth bethaala I
kinnara nishichara pashu khag byaalaa II
dev danuj gan naanaa jaatee I
sakal jeev thahan aanahi bhaantee II
mahi sari ssagar sar giri naanaa I
sab prapanch thahan aanayi aanaa II  "

 Arjuna saw Vishwa Roopam in the battle field on his requesting Lord Krishna. Yasodha , and Kakabhushandi had viswaroopa darshan inside Krishna's mouth and Rama's stomach respectivly through God's own Sweet Will.
Bhagavat Gita- sloka 30 ,6th Chapter
"yo maam pasyathi sarvatra, sarvam cha mayi pashyathi
thasyaaham na pranasyaami sa cha me na pranasyathi "

" One who  perceives that sarva vyapee Lord is inherent in all creations and  that all creations are within the Supreme, I  don't become invisible to him. Nor does he escape my vision. ( He is sure of getting my viswaroopa Darshan)

Perhaps this is the reason why only certain people are blessed with Vishwaroopa darshan and not all.
*Received via Exrbites Group mail from Smt Vathsala Jayaraman


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