Economy Downturn and Challenges Before India

Economy Downturn and Challenges before India : Experts’ Views 

Many of us, including those who are part of government, corporates, organisations responsible for dissemination of information, research scholars and teachers ( just an illustrative list), express our views based on our knowledge and information immediately available. I'm telling the obvious in a particular context. Sometimes we ignore the fact that when we express a view or endorse an opinion (like, by forwarding links or sharing messages), at least some who trust us (there are some who trust me!) form their own views based on such views/endorsement. If we keep this in the back of our minds, we can reduce a lot of irresponsible and harmful opinion-making via social media. Why I am telling this now?
In the context of measures taken by government and RBI, there's avoidable confusion created in the public minds. A state finance minister casually said in a press meet that "where's the problem for GOI to create monetary resources? They have to just tell RBI, their requirements. RBI controls currency presses" We cannot blame a person with a Ph D for mixing facts and fiction disproportionately to entertain audience.
If you sit through the one hour video presentation by Usha Thorat, you'll get some idea about how RBI has been handling challenges in the past and what citizens are expecting from GOI and RBI in the present (COVID19) context.
If comfortable, please share the YouTube link with people you know in the age-group of 15 to 65.

M G Warrier

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