Nostalgia : Ancestral house

Hygiene: Do's and don’ts that my elders practised- Forget the context and inhale the content, feel the cool! 
Good Morning 
For a few minutes I reached another world. 1950's. The big ancestral house with a couple of outhouses in the middle of a compound spread over acres of land, with trees and plants of every description, wells and a big pond where even neighbors used to come and take bath. 
The sides of the pond were perennially decorated with thick bushes of "Thecchi" plants (Google corrects me: Ixora coccinea, Family: West Indian Jasmine) with bunches of red flowers which we used to collect by going  floating in a large copper "Chembu" (traditionally used for boiling paddy during crop season and cooking rice for feast for hundreds of guests during festivals/ceremonies) for use in nearby temples. 
The long and wide pathway was decorated with variety of crotons and different types of flowering plants.
*** To be continued.

M G Warrier


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