Manmohan Singh Committee on current issues

Sonia Gandhi Creates Congress's Consultative Group, Makes Manmohan Singh Chairman

This is a welcome move*.
Let's expect some creative positive outcome.

M G Warrier

*My response to a report in the Economic Times copied below:
M G Warrier
April 16, 2020
Opposition's position

This refers to the report “Ask Govt Abou0t Disaster Management Plan, Sibal Urges Judiciary” (April 16). There can be no two views on the need for a comprehensive Disaster Management Plan in situations like this. But the route adopted by the former central minister to get one in place is deplorable, to use a mildest word to describe the celebrity lawyer's plea to judiciary for help.
We are a democracy with all the limbs functioning efficiently. Using his clout, we expect Kapil Sibal to coordinate with major opposition parties, opposition-ruled state governments and several former ministers and Dr Manmohan Singh from his own party to quickly put together a draft Disaster Management Plan factoring in all necessary linkages including resources mobilization and place it before the nation. 
The judicial route will help only to delay things.


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