View from my window : Believe in stars

Only in the darkness can one see the stars- Adversity has its own comfort zone... 

How are you? The English greetings when you meet first doesn't mean much. We had a colleague who used to repeated the same domestic problems (they were real, like corona - I've decided to use this word after a self-imposed restriction not to use it imposed on myself on March 17, 2020) when he met anyone who would listen to him. So, my lunch-partner (doesn't mean anything, we used to go for lunch together) TRS Iyer used to foreclose his opening up, by asking him : "Halo, Mr X...How are you, otherwise?" X gets the signal and will skip Agenda item one!
Remembered this, finding seven mails in my inbox at 5 45 a m seven mails with subject line "CORONA". Three are from one individual. I decide to open such mails last, as I find even grievances against God more soothing.

M G Warrier


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