Tatwamasi : Pursuit of Self Knowledge



I'm not on preaching any philosophy. While in college (1959-63), I had learnt something about Christianity by joining a correspondence course (Light of Life). The total cost for me for a course which extended for months was the cost of the postal stamp on my first letter to Light of Life. Then study material comes with a reply-paid envelope (postage will be paid by the addressee) in which an answer sheet can be sent back. The 'student' can stop the correspondence at any time, no further questions will come. I completed the course and received a nice certificate for having completed the course and a beautiful copy of the New Testament (Bible). This is the only 'formal' religious education in my life imparted free to me. I've never been initiated to any religion so far. 
I'm "Hindu-Varier" because that's what is written in the relevant column on the first page of my SSLC book.
In 1963, while in Trivandrum, I visited the bookstall at Sriramakrishna Mission Hospital premises and purchased a copy of Bhagavad-Gita for ₹0.25 (they had corrected the printed price of "Twelve Paise"). Till that day, my impression was Gita was a bulky, heavy book I may never read (now I have a collection of such bulky "Vyakhyanas" of the text). Later on I started buying and reading Upanishads etc where I didn't find mention of any religion.
Why this much introduction for "Tattwamasi"?
Because I want you to please open the link and read the article which may lead you to further enquiry to find the purpose of our existence and my selfish interest is response from one of you may throw some light on some concerns "which are making me read further" to understand more about 'service'!

M G Warrier


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