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*30 New Proverbs to be included in Curriculum from Apr 2020*

Covidian  Neo Wisdom...

1) Divided we live, United we die.

2) A sneeze, in time...infects nine.

3) All that sniffles has caught a cold

4) Homestay is the best policy.

5) One man's mask is another man's poison

6) When things get cough, the smart get going.

7) An unmasked guy is the Covid's workshop.

8) As you spray, so shall they reap.

9) Snot is weaker than sanitizer

10) Better to be poor and healthy than rich  and sick

11) Curiosity killed the doc.

12) Distancing is the best part of Valor.

13) Don't count your chickens before next March

14) Every crowd has a carrier lurking

15) Every cough has its spray.

16) A cough hits nine lives

17) Ignorance is a kiss

18) Necessity is the mother of infection

19) Out at night is out of mind

20) Rome wasn't infected in a day

21) The grass is cleaner on your side of the fence

22) There is no safety in numbers

23) When the cough is away, you can come out and play.

24) When in Rome. die as the Romans do

25) Two Wrongs didn't make this thing ,right ?

26) Cough goes around ,comes around.

27) When one door shuts, another door... shuts

28) You can have your covid and spread it too

29) The road to hell is sprayed with good infections

30) Covid never strikes in the same case.


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