Fortitude is Patient Courage

 Fortitude is Patient Courage

Fortitude, patience and courage. Three different English words. Must be having three different meanings. While in Sanskrit, one word can have several meanings, in the Queen's language each word need to have at least one meaning different from all other words. Still, this writer puts three words in an inseparable alliance and says : "Fortitude is Patient Courage"
He's an Army General. He must be right. To find out what quote he was keeping on his table while in service, please open the link.

M G Warrier

A simple nice interpretation by a friend :

All emotions arise from "chinta" and the control point arises from "Shraddhaa". Shraddhaa alone can make one persevere, concentrate and succeed. AS Gita teaches us: Shraddhaavaan labhathae Gnaanam.  Again, four kinds of people pray to me, says the Lord (Ch.7 - verse 16). Aarthhah, Jignaasu, Arththaarthhee and Gnaani. Among them Gnaani is most dear to me! Putting these two verses together, one can infer that Shraddhaavan gets nearest to God or the goal. For getting Shraddhaa, one must have patience, fortitude and courage.




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